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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket -- Appetizers/Snacks Region, Round 2: Stuffed Jalapenos vs. Zapp's Crawtators

It's the lone survivor of the chip entries against the Apps/Snacks No. 1. Who ya got?

Dan Davis

No. 1 Stuffed Jalapenos vs. No. 8 Zapp's Cajun Crawtators

This one is harder for me than you would think. I mean don't get me wrong -- stuffed jalapenos are amazing, and there's just so many ways to do them. Sausage. Boudin. Duck. Cream cheese (honestly its one of the few ways I touch the stuff) or just some good Cajun hot sausage.

But a tailgate without Zapps? Is that really a world any of us would want to live in?