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Glen Logan Commits To LSU

After Corey Raymond got Greedy this weekend, Coach O decided to add another weapon to his arsenal, and he got a a versatile one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the quietness of Glen Logan when it came to his recruiting, it came as a surprise to most everyone today when he decided to end his recruitment, committing to LSU over schools like Alabama and Texas A&M. While Coach O's first d-line commitment for 2016 is set at DT in Ed Alexander, Glen Logan gives him some versatility and someone to mold into a unique d-lineman.

What Logan Brings To LSU

Two things that jump out to me when it comes to Logan is his awareness and his ability to use his hands to control those blocking him.  When you combine those two facets, he becomes a solid in stopping the run by seeing where the hole is for the running back and using his hands and strength to move the lineman to where he needs to go to make the stop. For a guy at 6-4 and pushing 290 pounds now, Logan shows good agility for a guy his size and could give Coach O to put him inside at tackle or get him to drop a little bit of weight and become a big end in the mold of a Tyson Jackson.

I'm not sure if it's how the defense is run at Destrehan and they want him to read and react, but he could improve on his jump at the snap. There's a number of times where the ball is in the QB's hands before he starts moving so I'm not sure if he's just coached not to be a pass rusher or he can work on that. After hearing what Coach O was doing with his line in the spring in working on pass-rush moves, this could be one thing that he can help get on Logan about.

What This Means For LSU

When Ed Oliver and Kendall Jones went off the board to Houston and Alabama, respectively, it likely meant that guys like Logan and Stephon Taylor would get a much harder push from Orgeron. I think it speaks volumes at the work Orgeron can do in getting a commitment from him so quickly. Like mentioned earlier, he joins Ed Alexander as the only two d-linemen in this class for the time being, but there's still a number of targets at DT alone that will continue to be pursued as Orgeron looks to fill his cupboard with top talent. Logan also gives Kevin Steele a big lineman that could be a defensive end in the 3-4 if he ever does decide to transition from the 4-3 to a bigger emphasis on that front. Either way, Logan becomes the 10th 4-star or higher commit in this class that appears to have the potential for being one of the most memorable in Baton Rouge.