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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Hits the Savory Sixteen

The choices are only getting tougher as we come to our third round.

The Ultimate Bracket of Tailgating deliciousness has finally reached the Savory 16, and if you thought the choices were tough in round two, oh my, what you have in store in this round.

Tailgate Bracket Round 3

Oh, you wondered whether pastalaya would have to take on jambalaya? Here we go. Brisket or ribs? Boudin ball or shrimp? Does boudin reign supreme, or do you prefer barbecue? There may not be bad choices here, but let's face it, we gotta make ‘em. And feelings are going to be hurt.

These matchups will set up the finals in our four respective regions, and from there it's on to the Final Four as we crown the absolute best of tailgating cuisine.