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The Ultimate Tailgating Bracket -- The Savory Sixteen: Jambalaya vs. Pastalaya

Coming out guns blazing in round three with our biggest showdown to date.

Jenni Gomila

No. 1 Jambalaya

Jambalayathan 9


Pastalaya 5

No. 4 Pastalaya

So where do your loyalties...wait for it...

...wait for it...

wait for it...

waaaaaaiiiittttt for itttt...


Seriously, this really just comes down to your choice of starch. Do you want your meat, onions, peppers and seasoning steamed with rice or cooked with pasta? Personally, I find jambalaya to be much more ubiquitous, mostly because it's remarkably consistent. Again, if you can cook rice, you can cook down the stuff that goes in jambalaya, add your liquid and cook rice. Pastalaya, in my experience, has more variance because if the pasta winds up getting overcooked and mushy. To date, my cousin's recipe with fettuccine seems to hold it's texture the best.