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Derrius Guice Hospitalized

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The freshman tailback suffered from dehydration.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman running back Derrius Guice was hospitalized Wednesday for dehydration and low blood sugar according to, after passing out at the team facility during a workout.

A conflicting report published by the Advocate says Guice was not working out at the time of the incident but cited two unnamed sources that said Guice was experiencing sickness earlier in the day.

The story was originally broken by WBRZ, which originally said that an LSU freshman had been taken to the hospital from the indoor practice facility. Guice is identity was confirmed by a WBRZ cameraman who recorded a video of the player being loaded or into an ambulance.

Guice is expected to be released from the hospital later Wednesday evening per

Michael Bonnette confirmed that a player had been taken to the hospital, but did not confirm the specific player or what caused a trip to the hospital.

A five-star recruit, Guice was expected to see a good amount of playing time as a freshman filling in for Leonard Fournette and Darrell Williams.

If the trip to the hospital is simply as precautionary as some of the reports suggest, this should not be a major issue. Still the situation involving Guice, who is known for posting some absurd workout videos, should serve as a safety reminder for any athletes or non-athletes to take extra precautions for any strenuous activity during the summer.