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2016 WR Da'Monte Coxie Commits To LSU!

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The fast-rising wideout impressed at camp and is now a Tiger.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With all the star power that was in Baton Rouge this weekend from the 2016, '17 and '18 classes, it was 3-star wide receiver Da'Monte Coxie, who will be attending East St. John after going to Tara High School, that became the lone commitment (so far) from the LSU Elite Camp.  The 6-3 receiver was one of the top performers on Friday, competing and winning over the likes of soon-to-be LSU commit Kristian Fulton and commit Eric Monroe in a couple reps, went to Tulane's camp the following day and put on a show there, and that was enough for the staff to get him back on campus to offer him and he didn't waste any time at all.  So what does he bring?  Come look.  It's okay, I'll hold your hand if need be.

What Coxie Brings To LSU

It becomes quickly apparent that Coxie has a big frame and he knows how to use it.  At 6-3 and 175 pounds, Coxie does a good job at boxing out smaller corners on him and with his strong hands, his defender is at a quick disadvantage.  Those hands are shown even more in his ability to go outside of his body to snag balls behind him or in the vicinity.  What isn't fully shown in the video, mostly due to his team's offense, is his route-running ability.  When you are able to make quick, sharp cuts in your routes, that can be the difference in getting open and getting blanketed.  His routes in 1-on-1 at the camp was something raved upon by a lot of the writers in attendance.  One question mark that was answered this weekend was how he would fare against better talent.  Playing at Tara High, you can tell in the video that the guys he goes up against are already over-matched, but he performed well during his time on campus against some of the biggest names like mentioned before the video in the article.

One drawback he has is something Coxie is aware of and has already begun working on.  He is far from the fastest receiver LSU has gone after looking at the video, and after running a 4.8 40 earlier in the summer, Coxie has worked on his speed and ran a 4.65 at the camp.  While the 40 isn't the biggest indication on speed due to the fact that some just aren't fundamentally sound in bursting from the start out of that stance, it is indicative that Coxie notices his drawbacks and is already hard at work to fix them.

What This Means For LSU

With an offer going to Drake Davis shortly after Coxie received his, it is apparent the staff wants 4 receivers in this class.  Coxie brings a mold-able receiver for Tony Ball to work with and someone that wants to be at LSU and will recruit for LSU.  It also brings an insurance policy in case the other two commitments do leave come February.  It appears Dee Anderson solidified his stance on coming to LSU this weekend, but to say it won't remain a challenge to keep a Texas wide receiver at LSU until February is a challenge.  Stephen Sullivan has become enamored with TCU and that will be another challenge for Ball and the LSU staff to hold onto the massive target.  Brandon Martin is also in the junior college ranks but you can never be sure at when, and if, they will ever make it to campus.  Martin wants to make it come January, but the staff would probably even be fine if he didn't come in until May.  Either way, Tony Ball has a solid class in his grasp in his first year at LSU and will continue to fill a cupboard that grows stronger each year.