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Link Gumbo - 7/29/2015

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Your news and notes of the day.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Couple of staff birthdays this week, including Corey Raymond yesterday and Ed Orgeron on Monday, who was interviewed by Friends of the Blog Culotta & the Prince yesterday morning.

Baseball Infielders Danny Zardon & Grayson Byrd Transferring -- Can't say I'm shocked on Zardon, although the report says he wanted a promise of a starting job which...okay, maybe Maineri won't say it, but dude...look around. Ain't got much competition. Byrd, I believe there was some talk of injury?

Brendan Suhr Rounds Out LSU Hoops Staff -- Johnny Jones finds another staff addition after the bizarre John Treloar departure, and Suhr fits the same profile. Older, long-time NBA guy who's worked for Chuck Daly, Lenny Wilkins and Hubie Brown. Presumably, somebody with a lot of scouting experience.

No Victor for LSU Until December -- In other hoops news, Jones revealed that forward Craig Victor's hardship appeal was denied, meaning that he will have to sit out the fall semester of hoops games. Although that does mean he'll be available in December after finals.

Verge Ausberry on Scheduling -- Ben Love of talks with the Associate AD who mostly handles scheduling for LSU. There's also some audio linked in the interview.

So Jeremy Hill looks ready for Bengals camp...

SEC West vs. PAC 12 South, Which Division is Tops? -- Breaking down the college football divisions based on S/P+ rankings.

How Does Bret Bielema Do Breakfast? -- BERT may know how to make some eggs...

Mental note for future birthdays...