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And the Valley Drinks: NOLA Seventh Street Wheat

NOLA Brewing’s fantastic wheat beer just hit shelves in cans, just in time for the heat of the summer.

Billy Gomila

The Crescent City outlet's Seventh Street Wheat summer seasonal has long been a personal favorite, but one that's not always easy to find outside of the city. Luckily, they just started canning it.

It's a pale wheat ale, so it's a little lighter and fruitier than the state's other top wheat ale, Canebrake.

In their own words:

"7th Street Wheat" started out as our Summer seasonal, but due to its popularity has made its own place in our year round ales.  Named in honor of the 7th Street wharf across the street from the brewery, this filtered wheat ale is light-bodied American style with pounds of fresh lemon basil added after fermentation.  The light citrus taste with a hint of spicy herb on the back goes well with almost any seafood dish, and from what we hear, is a favorite at bars as a stand alone refreshing beer."

The lemon basil added is an Asian herb that's extremely common in Indonesian cooking and known for its strong citrusy aroma.


This has a malty bouquet similar to Abita Purple Haze. Heavier than the beer looks, which is about what I would expect from an ale. But the flavor's very soft from the open and through the soft, with just a light brush of the wheat flavor. The basil kind of adds some depth and body to the beer throughout. The kind of beer you can suck down on a hot day. 3.75 out of five stars.