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Link Gumbo -- 8/13/2015

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Checking in on the news and notes of the day and featuring THA RETURN...


If you weren't on the internet all...yesterday, you might have missed the fun everybody had with a really bad courtroom sketch from the Tom Brady Deflategate Trial. You may notice a familiar figure in the back there, with a purple-ish jacket and a white hat. HOWEVER...

Les Miles hasn't tweeted in a month. That's how you come back in style. More importantly, however...

LSUFreek Miles/Brady Courtroom



HAS COME the internet.

Stick around for a bit Freek. If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me.

Back on the beat, Ross Dellenger unearthed a pretty cool story regarding LSU's No. 1 receiver Travin Dural, who helped pull a woman out of an overturned car near his hometown of Breaux Bridge this summer. And to add a little context to the story...

Other piece of semi-interesting news -- an unnamed member of the LSU staff has had the texting feature on his program-issued phone disabled after texting a recruit this spring. Text messaging recruits is not allowed, so basically the NCAA is preventing this coach from doing something that he's not supposed to do anyway, because...NCAA? For the record he can still send as many emails or Facebook/Twitter direct messages as he wants, because the NCAA doesn't regulate those.

More from the Advocate: hey, there's a familiar thought on Darrel WIlliams....Josh Boutte, on what spurred him to take his rightful place in the starting lineup...talkin' bout kickers.

ESPN's David Ching has his season preview piece here.

Over at, Randy Rosetta talked about some of LSU's defensive line questions with former tackle Marlon Favorite on the Tiger Sports Radio podcast:

And James Smith has some tidbits on Arden Key and the quarterback situation.

Les Miles is due to speak to media today around 11 a.m. or so. We'll update with that video soon as it's available.

On another piece of NFL news -- the injury to Arian Foster means Alfred Blue likely steps in as the No. 1 tailback for the Houston Texans. Might want to update your fantasy football draft rankings.