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And the Valley Drinks: Bayou Teche's 31 Stout

A solid stout for a great cause.

Billy Gomila

On a couple of suggestions, I recently made an effort to pick up Bayou Teche's newest special offering, the 31 Stout, a specialty brew they put out this summer for a pretty good cause:

It's available in 22-oz bombers, but they may run out soon, so I suggest picking some up if you can find it.


Bouquet is neutral, but you get a very robust roasted flavor, which I find is very common with Bayou Teche's darker offerings. If you're a black coffee drinker, you'll like this. The texture is thick but not creamy. You really get the roasted malts, with a hint of bitterness to cut the sweet a little. Although I do wish the flavor lingered a little more. I give a solid 3.75 out of five stars. But really, the cause is the thing here. Go pick it up.