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Link Gumbo -- 8/19/2015

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Catching up on news and notes.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

LSU will hold it's final two-a-day practices today and officially break camp tomorrow, with a scrimmage set for Saturday. Les Miles had the team break up the monotony a little on Tuesday night with an appearance from Kool DJ Supamike:

Some more reports from The Advocate beat:


What happens when you let a Cajun and an Aussie take the mic? LSU's Emily Dixon lets LSU's kicker and punter have some fun at media day.


In other news, ESPN's David Ching has this VERY exciting piece about Key...Kwon Alexander pushing for a starting spot with the Tampa Bay Bucs...over down under, hoops held off for another late win...LSU will also play in the ESPN Tipoff Marathon this November...also yourself around the LSU Lakes?