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Link Gumbo -- 8/24/2015

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News and notes for your Monday.

Taylor Hall is NOT that way coach...
Taylor Hall is NOT that way coach...
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Classes start today for LSU students, so if you're reading this freshmen, get to class on time -- you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and professors will forgive a lot for good attendance & engagement. And don't ask upperclassmen where Taylor Hall is. LSU's new lettermen have their jackets as well.

As for the Tiger football team, they seem to have lost their first transfer of the fall, as freshman tight end Hanner Shipley seems to have already returned to Texas. News broke last night that Shipley is transferring to Abilene Christian. The timing is odd -- now that camp is over, Shipley has basically gone through all the work of the summer and of training camp just to skip the reward of the season. But everybody has to do what they feel is best for them. Speculating, Shipley may have been asked to redshirt and was reluctant. Or he might have just been homesick. We wish him the best of luck in future projects.

Moving on, LSU had its second scrimmage on Saturday, which Les Miles recapped for the media:

Oops, sorry that's not right. Let the coach give you some made-up stats here:

Again, it doesn't really matter what Miles says in these situations -- even if he gave you the exact result statistics, they're pretty useless without the context. Especially with a 100-plus play situational scrimmage. I know they repped third-and-long, so there were probably a lot of passing yards but some iffy efficiency, and they also repped red-zone, so there were likely some touchdown numbers that would seem inflated.

More beat coverage from the Advocate:

One tidbit to add on Guice -- the vine videos that have been circulating of him making some sweet moves on swing/screen passes are both from the 8/15 scrimmage, not LSU's most recent one.

In other news, LSU won a victory in the John Chavis buyout lawsuit, as the district judge in Texas ruled that the case will be tried in Louisiana, not Texas. I would imagine now some settlement talks will begin. Still kind of stunned the Aggies haven't just thrown some money at this situation to remove the distraction.

Not like we asked for a new car or anything.

ED Trans Am has an interesting question re: where you'd like to see LSU play next. I know the neutral sites aren't popular, but I think playing at Lambeau has a cool factor. My real choice is Michigan Stadium though.