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The 2015 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge

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Back once again, it's the 9th/10th annual ATVS-Geaux Show Pick'em Challenge! Where you can put your skills of prediction up against the world to win fabulous prizes.

If you played last year, you have already likely received an invitation email to this year's pool. For new readers, the signup is simple. CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to our pool provider Sign up for an account, then join our pool. This year's password is tigers. Picks will again be against the spread. Also, picks are due up until the kickoff of each individual game. Forget about making your picks until halfway through the first block of games? You can still enter a pick for any game that hasn't started yet, right up to the post-midnight kickoff in Hawaii.

Continuing with tradition, the Weekly winner will be shipped the world-famous ATVS KOOZIE OF POWER while the GRAND PRIZE for the overall season winner will be gifted a new amazingly terrible sweater in the size of their choice.

Oh yes, it's horrific.

Get yourself signed up now, we'll announce the first round of picks early next week.