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Link Gumbo -- 8/28/2015

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News and notes to end the final week of the offseason.

Robert Laberge/Getty Images

I want to say thanks again for all of the shares and kind words for Wednesday's Katrina/Arizona State 10th anniversary story. Getting that right has been important to me, more so in recent weeks, and I hope that I did.

Anyway, I know some are sick of Katrinaversary stuff, and in some ways I don't blame you, but there's been some really good stuff out there this week. If you haven't read Wright Thompson's Beyond the Breach, I can't recommend it enough. It's a long read, but it's Thompson at his best, covering difficult topics from a wide variety of angles. Another read that's worth your time -- I know it's Tulane, but still -- is Holly Anderson's Breaking the Waves, over at Grantland. Tulane's nomadic 2005 season may be the most forgotten thing of all about that time. I had completely forgotten how ugly it got at the end for Chris Scelfo as well.

Couple other stories that have popped up as well -- David Ching of ESPN did a number of interviews with present members of the LSU football team that were affected by the storm. Hearing their perspective as children can be jarring, particularly the Fournettes and Ed Paris' stories. ESPN also has this different angle as well -- a feature on New Orleans and other Louisiana residents that were kind of put into the wind and settled elsewhere. The way recruiting kind of died down in Southeast Louisiana for a few years after the storm is something we don't really talk about in terms of how it affected LSU. Although New Orleans has certainly come back in the last few years as a talent center.

LSU posted this video series as well:




Speaking of recruiting, 247's Steve Wiltfong has this breakdown of the present state of LSU's football commits for the class of 2016, which is currently ranked second in their rankings.

Back to football news -- ESPN"s Kirk Herbstreit gave out his annual Herbie Awards yesterday, and while the Tigers didn't take home awards in any of the five categories nominated in, there was this:

Herbstreit PIcks

That definitely puts ol' Herbie in the minority when it comes to most of LSU's preseason picks, but some people like to go against the grain I guess. We'll see how it plays out.

And if you didn't catch SEC Network's LSU preview last night, here are a couple of video highlights:

In other conference news, the SEC Coaches released their all-conference team here, with Leonard Fournette carrying multiple spots. The most interesting choice was Jalen Mills (this was almost certainly voted on before his injury) making first-team at defensive back. Meanwhile, Jamal Adams was nowhere to be found.

From the Advocate this week, here's a notebook that kind of features how Garrett Brumfield is trying to make a push for the offensive line interesting tidbit there is that freshman Maea Teuhema has also made a push, and will likely be in LSU's top six...look for Teuhema, Ethan Pocic and Will Clapp to rotate between the center and right guard spots some as Jeff Grimes looks for the best starting five...brief feature on tight end development...Greg Gilmore on his development as one of LSU's key backups on the defensive line...and finally, a couple of over/unders on catches for wide receivers and the sack total on defense. also has a notebook addressing the offensive line and the quarterback competition here.

In closing, don't forget to check out the Mothership's full college football preview here.