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LSU Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron Had Cancer Surgery; Will Coach 2015 Season

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LSU called a short press conference to clear the air regarding offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's health.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When you get word of LSU calling a quickie press conference eight days from the season opener, it's admittedly something that makes you kind of nervous.

Nevermind when it involves the word cancer.

Still, all things considered, it was a relatively benign (pun not intended) announcement: LSU's Cam Cameron has had surgery to treat a prostate cancer diagnosis, but per the man himself is cancer free and ready to roll for the coming season.

"I'm fine, my health is good," Cameron told reporters. "I've been given a clean bill of health."

A couple of weeks back, around the start of LSU's preseason scrimmages, I had received word that a LOT of people that usually attend these things -- boosters, ex-players, etc... -- were all shut out. I was told it was a "non football reason," and that while some were unhappy, they'd just have to deal. I figured it was just some internal politics thing; we all know scrimmage reports pop up online pretty quickly despite confidentiality agreements many Gridiron Club members sign. Just figured Les Miles was a little sick of it. Turns out, that Cameron was missing some time and they wanted to keep things as under-wraps as possible. Which is perfectly understandable.

Per Cameron and Miles, he's about as far out of the woods as he can be. No pending radiation or chemo treatments, and nothing that should physically slow him down the coming season.

Frankly, Miles seemed rather pleased that players kept all of this under wraps for so long in this information age.


Either way, our thoughts and prayers are with Cameron and his family, and hope that he stays cancer free.