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Dylan Moses Decommits from LSU

5-star super recruit backs out of his commitment to LSU.

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A bit of shocking news just dropped in that 5-star super-stud recruit Dylan Moses decided to drop his commitment to LSU, which he made as an 8th grader:

It's a nicely written note from the now Junior in HS. He should, by all means, do exactly what he thinks is best for his process.

There's been a myriad of reactions on Twitter. A lot of folks are saying this is much ado about nothing. I'm not sure it's quite so... digestible.

Moses did continue to list LSU as his number one school, though the timing is precarious. He's heading into his Junior season, not his senior season, so his major courtship in terms of official visits isn't even about to begin. That said, even if it were, a recruit as highly coveted as he is, could easily take his full allotment of visits on the school's dime while still committed. I'm not a recruit and never have been one, so I'm not sure what parts of the experience he feels he will miss out on by being committed to LSU.

In the note, he played a bit of semantics when it comes to defining the word commit. I don't know the kid, or what that means to him, but for me, it pretty clearly says he has his eye on someone(s) else right now.

This isn't good news, and trying to pretend like it's not big deal isn't really acceptable either. Consider this: Miles made huge noise about Kevin Toliver II being LSU's longest tenured commit on National Signing Day. Do you not think that was a wink and a nudge toward Dylan Moses? An encouragement to be the one to break that mark? Miles has not so subtly hinted at these types of things before, just two years ago giving a nod to Leonard Fournette.

This makes the 2nd 2017 class member to turn from LSU in a week. Just last Monday top 100 QB, Lowell Narcisse, a player who heavily favored LSU all throughout the recruiting process, decided to commit to Auburn after a visit. At the time, I wrote that we shouldn't consider this a "recruiting dream team" if they couldn't win such battles. A week later, a player from the same class, even more highly coveted, has reneged.

I think it's safe to say this isn't a "dream team" until they earn their salt. I think there's a good chance Moses winds up re-committing and signing with LSU, but this staff is clearly not connecting with 2017 state of Louisiana prospects right now. Chop it up to "long way off" if you'd like, but even our own Ed Orgeron said you win recruits early in this early. Early evaluation and attention goes a long, long ways with this generation. And LSU is now 0 for 2.