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LSU Football Reports to Camp

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Here's a roundup of the stories, photos and tweets of the day as the players report to start fall camp. Twitter

Players reported around noon for check-in, equipment assignments, etc...Here's a twitter roundup from the #BeatBros.

Here's your usual gallery, courtesy of

Here's Les Miles' welcome back press conference:


Takeaways: Miles singles out Arden Key and Lewis Neal as players that look to be in really good shape...Key up to 240 after working with his dad...expects to play lots of freshmen...usual "team had great summer" type talk...mentions Brandon Harris as having worked quite a bit with the receivers, although he can't really say how far ahead he for Anthony Jennings, he and Dwayne Thomas will face internal discipline, but Miles was non-committal as to whether that would entail game suspension...referred to some of the player transfers as possible addition-by-subtraction.

Other notes: senior offensive lineman Jonah Austin is transferring -- he's graduated, so he'll be eligible to play as a fifth-year senior somewhere. Offensive lineman Jeveonte Domond, however, is back with the team, despite charges still pending from a domestic violence arrest in the spring. The No. 18 announcement should be at around 7:30 p.m. tonight. We'l update that when it happens.

And for a quick Rashaan Gary update --'s James Smith posted this: