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CB Tre'Davious White Awarded The #18 Jersey

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In a team meeting last night that precedes the start of Fall practice today, Les Miles awarded Junior Cornerback Tre'Davious White the coveted #18 jersey.

#18 Presentation from LSU Football on Vimeo.

White becomes the latest recipient of an honor that has become one of LSU's finest traditions (One that is now mirrored in the baseball program with the handing down of the #8)

From LSU:

The No. 18 jersey is awarded annually to the player on the LSU football team that displays a selfless attitude while representing the Tigers in a first-class manner both on and off the field. The player is also considered a team leader and someone that the younger players on the team can look up to and learn from.

White, a native of Shreveport, La., enters his third season as a starter for the Tigers and is considered by those involved with the day-to-day operations of the program as one of the most caring, genuine and outstanding young men at LSU.

The awarding of the 18 is decided by a group consisting of the previous wearers and members of the athletic training staff. Officially, White is the 9th player in the number's lineage.

Year Player (Pos.)

2003 Matt Mauck (QB)

2004-07 Jacob Hester (RB)

2008-09 Richard Dickson (TE)

2010 Richard Murphy (RB)

2011 Brandon Taylor (DB)

2012 Bennie Logan (DT)

2013 Lamin Barrow (LB)

2014 Terrence Magee (RB)

2015 Tre'Davious White (CB)