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LSU Reinstates Offensive Tackle Jevonte Domond

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The reserve lineman had been previously accused of domestic abuse earlier this spring and suspended indefinitely.

A piece of news out of yesterday's LSU training camp report date, was that in addition to the various subtractions, was the return of formerly suspended offensive tackle Jevonte Domond to LSU's active roster. Domond had been accused of "choke-slamming" his fiancee and suspended indefinitely.

Given the spotlight on domestic violence, particularly among football players in the past year, this is a curious decision, and one that certainly doesn't reflect well upon LSU or the program.

Per yesterday's report in the Advocate, Domond and the girlfriend/fiancee are back together, although the case is still pending, per Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore. So what's the deal? Typically, in any legal situation, from Jeremy Hill in 2013, through Jalen Mills last year and the situations of this offseason, Miles' M.O. has been an indefinite suspension until the charges are adjudicated in some way, or until more facts arise in the case.

That last part is the likely tipping point here, although it would involve details we aren't privy to at the moment.

One thing I do know, is that Miles' only true policy is to treat each player and each situation individually -- hence the exits of multi-time offenders like Jeryl Brazil and Trey L in the last year. He's going to back a kid he believes in, but he's also going to punish the ones who show they won't respect others or the law. Maquedius Bain, who per Miles, was never officially reinstated to the team along with Anthony Jennings and Dwayne Thomas following the dropping of charges for their incident earlier this summer is another example. Per a source, Bain's involvement was viewed differently from the other two, because of past behavior, not necessarily in terms of running afoul of the law, but team rules.

I can only conclude that Miles' feels comfortable with Domond as a person, his version of events and how he feels the legal situation plays out. I can tell you it's not tied to any sort of on-field value: regardless of this SI piece, Domond was an afterthought, late-term fill-in recruit and at best the sixth or seventh tackle on LSU's roster. They aren't holding on to him because they feel like they need him. It doesn't matter, but some will certainly imply it.

And regardless of why, this is not a good look, and it's something that Miles will certainly take heat for. But that's also never really been a factor in the coach's decision making. He's going to do what he feels is right regardless of the perception.

I'm always in favor of allowing for as many facts as possible to come forward in these situations before passing judgment, but I also know that many are tired of these types of headlines. And I don't blame you if you feel that way.

It's certainly not something anybody wants to be talking about as training camp opens.