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Lunch/Dinner with Les 8/31/15 - McNeese St.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

After a very long delay to start the usual game week press conference, Joe Alleva suddenly appeared.


Miles returned to campus shortly after the announcement after news crews spotted him leaving Our Lady Of The Lake.


On with the show...Miles blamed his morning's issues on "too much coffee", thanks the training staff for their concern. He was back on campus in time for practice...usual platitudes for this week's "tough" in-state opponent..."too ornery to not be healthy"...Called Harris taking the first snaps at QB "a forgone conclusion" but also stated both QBs continue to improve and that either will play if needed...the defense has a want to not just be good, but to dominate...addressing a couple of -or- listings on the OL portion of the depth chart, Miles says it's really about putting the best 5 on the field and that Pocic, Teahuma, and Weathersby all have some versatility that will be used. Also had some glowing words about Clapp...Jerald Hawkins appears to be over his injury...Donte Jackson will play in "a number of spots."...He still likes Fournette for returning kickoffs...improvements by the receivers will allow for "the opportunity to be more successful and execute the passing game much more efficiently...Was asked if he drove himself to the hospital: ""I did participate in a drive."...repeated thanks to the training staff for their insistence he get himself checked out...Trey Quinn is fine after being "nicked" in an earlier scrimmage and will "play a lot of football Saturday."...Looking forward to Dwayne Thomas returning after his injuries last captains Vadal Alexander, Jerald Hawkins, Tre'Davious White, Kendell Beckwith, Jamie Keehn, and Reid Ferguson....likes the depth on DL right now, expects it to improve...did not have a status update to give on Jalen Mills...told Harris he was the starter on Saturday...brings up McNeese's near win at Nebraska last season.


No TV news release this week because it's the season opener, but be aware that Saturday's game will air on SEC Network Alternate. Go to to find your station number

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