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Playin'..."Nice"...: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Justin came back for another round.

1. So just how hard did y'all tear up the Starkvegas Golden Corral after last year's win?

Golden Corral is good, but all the State alumni and real fans went somewhere much better.

2. So, would you like to comment on the concept of stereotypes existing for a reason?

Cowbell's are cool.  John Cena even called them the Official Instrument of the United States. This is what LSU brings to the table, and no, you cant claim her, just her sterotyping of LSU.

3.  Any idea what ditch Dillon Day is living in now so we can stomp -- I mean stop -- on by?

Dillon does not wish to comment about the past.  He's moved on.  It's sort of strange that LSU fans, fans so unconcerned with Mississippi State, cannot manage to do so.  By the way, he isn't so much in a ditch, as he is in a trench with the Broncos organization.

4. Would Coach Mullen like us to bring him a little warm milk to help tuck him in? I know kickoff is past his bedtime.

Your coach eats grass.  At least Mullen hasn't let a little rainstorm keep him from playing a game before. Of course, after going three and out against McNeese State, who can blame Miles for wanting to cancel the contest. I mean, your quarterback did have negative passing yards against an FCS foe.  That's not easy to do.

5. So do y'all mind if we like...borrow Bully for a few weeks? Like just to hang out? We promise to bring him back...

I'm sure this guy was chanting "Tiger Bait Tiger Bait" the whole time too. I know the nights on the bayou can get lonely, but seriously, only a misdemeanor?  I think we'll just keep Bully this weekend.