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Link Gumbo - 9/10/15

Quotes from Les Miles radio show on Wednesday and more links ahead of Mississippi State

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First, we'll begin with Les Miles radio show on Wednesday night and on the SEC coaches teleconference. Les was still disappointed with the weather that caused the cancellation of the McNeese game. Said the same stuff he said on Saturday night and earlier this week. With regard to how the lost McNeese game may affect LSU's College Football Playoff chances he said "Should we control our own destiny, it won't affect us at all." Basically, win the SEC and LSU should be good. He said that he couldn't believe the last cancellation of an LSU game was in 1918 and that was "just before he was born." Miles believed players benefited from just being out on the field. He felt that they got their pregame and post game regimen's down. And got snaps on offense, defense, and special teams. Les said that "we've made some corrections and personnel changes based on how players have performed going into game week." What that means or what it could foretell, I do not know. And Jalen Mills is recovering quickly and well, but still no idea when he's back.

Wednesdays With Les -- the Advocate

Now, on to some links.

Inside the Huddle -- Brandon Harris:

Scott Rabalais: Harris ready to take the field

Push? LSU players discuss advantages/disadvantages of last week's cancellation

Mullen finds Fournette hard to prep for -- State didn't get much of a look at No 7 last year, and that could change on Saturday.

Paul Mainieri Q&A: Position battles, offseason departures and the search for a third and fourth starter - LSU Baseball - Paul Mainieri talked about stuff relating to LSU Baseball as we exit summer and head into fall ball

For LSU's Davon Godchaux, his life once threatened, house shot up, brothers imprisoned, his mother ill; it all 'drives' him | LSU | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana - You must read this Ross Dellenger piece on Davon Godchaux. It is absolutely fantastic. Deeply emotional, and one that will get you right in the feels. But it's fantastic.

LSU Press Publishes 'Billy Cannon: A Long, Long Run' - - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - LSU Press has published Charles N. deGravelles book on Billy Cannon's meteoric rise, huge fall, and his redemption.

LSU Lands Elite 2018 California Shortstop - - Baseball #CROOTIN news.

LSU Tigers in the NFL - 53-Man Rosters - - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - The latest in #NFLSU (credit to penny, who is always reminding us that she said that first)

Can LSU stop State QB Dak Prescott? It starts with tackling and ends with tackling. | LSU | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana - LSU was deeply disappointed with their tackling performance on Dak Prescott in last year's MSU game, and is ready to fix it for this Saturday.

ESPN's shifting line on college football betting information - Piece on how ESPN has begun to incorporate gambling and betting into their college football coverage.

7 underdog lessons from inside Georgia Southern's trip to West Virginia - - More must read stuff. A behind the scenes look that The Mothership's Steven Godfrey took with Georgia Southern during their trip to Morgantown to face West Virginia.

Here There Be Dragons: The Return of UAB Football " - #UABFreed.