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2nd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 2

And the beat rolls on.

I'm astounded, nay, appalled, that 9, (9!) of you still thought it wise to pick Vanderbilt, against a team that was bowl eligible last season. You're welcome, Poseur.

The rest of you survived, though I'm sure you folks who were dying to pick Kentucky, whom I incidentally left off the list, were shaking in your purple and gold cowboy boots as they narrowly escaped U LA LA.


Ok, so because I'm an idiot (documented), I didn't account for the shortened season prior to the competition. Because I was busy tailgating in South Bend and watching Texas get obliterated (also documented), I couldn't properly tend to the issues.

So, after giving it some thought, I think the best route to go is that the only three teams you are allowed to skip are Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. None were picked last week (thank goodness LSU wasn't eligible). This forces people to pick Florida, Vandy and Kentucky, who should be among the worst in the conference.

This also prevents me from dictating on who can't be picked. LSU makes the most sense, but not picking the home team is no fun.

I'll track everything on this Google Spreadsheet:

Kickoff of the 1st SEC game tomorrow is the deadline!

So, let's get to the games!

Games for the Week

#10 Georgia @ Vanderbilt
Fresno State @ 17 Ole Miss
Middle Tennessee State @ #2 Alabama
Toledo @ #18 Arkansas
#19 Oklahoma @ #23 Tennessee
Ball State @ #16 Texas A&M
#21 Missouri @ Arkansas State
ECU @ Florida
Kentucky @ South Carolina
#14 LSU @ #25 Mississippi State

Good luck out there!