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First Impressions: LSU 45, Auburn 21

Please Leonard, don't hurt 'em.

This is not how you tackle
This is not how you tackle
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

About the only negative of Leonard Fournette's day is tweaking his knee on his third touchdown, forcing the coaches to shut him down before he broke the LSU single game rushing record.

This was one of the single greatest one-game performances an LSU player has ever delivered, and he didn't even need the fourth quarter. 19 carries for 238 yards and 3 TD's is what the line reads, but it doesn't really capture just how dominant he was in this game. He ran over, around, and through the Auburn defense. He had a season's worth of amazing highlights in just 45 minutes.

Words fail me. This was just beyond awesome, and I lack the ability to fully describe this man's dominance. I guess the best way to say it is that he has a chance to be remembered by his first name. Herschel. Bo. Leonard.

Here are my favorite plays of the game. First, doing a Herschel impression...

Then, helicoptering some poor fool.

SB Nation

And then devouring a planet.


Forget kneeling before Zod... Galactus is coming.

Yeah, some other things happened in this game, too. Harris looked good but not great. He missed some wide open receivers, and he almost got Jeter killed once, but all in all, he was exactly what we want him to be: efficient. He threw 12 for 17 for 74 yards, and most importantly, no picks. He also rushed for 66 yards, scoring twice on the ground and once in the air. Best of all, his last snap was in the victory formation.

Malachi Dupre dropped a pass that would have created a first down, so he had a quiet day. Dural keeps seeming like he's a fraction away from scoring a big play, but he could never quite break one. He's firmly solidified his hold on the #1 spot.

The defense was dominant in the first half, and even missed a chance for an easy pick six to turn this into a laugher even earlier. The defense wasn't nearly as impressive in the second half, but it's hard to complain about a team protecting a 24-to-31-point lead.

Still, they showed some vulnerability to QB sneak up the middle, as Jamal Adams badly misread the play. That can't happen, and almost gave Auburn life early in the second half. Of course, that just set Auburn up to have their hopes crushed more thoroughly by Fournette.

Deion Jones added to the lackluster defensive effort by getting ejected for targeting. It was a dumb penalty, and totally unnecessary in a blowout win. He left his feet and everything. Absolutely uncalled for, and it set up an Auburn TD.

But it's hard to maintain discipline and intensity in a blowout. The defense still hasn't given us a full effort for 60 minutes, which I guess is a concern going forward, but I'll take it if it means LSU is sitting on huge leads.

The story, however, was Leonard Fournette. He is a human cheat code, and he's ours. For two more years. It's okay to get excited.