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SEC Power Poll Week 3

The one in which I vote for Ole Miss

We're #1 on an LSU blog's power poll ballot? WOOO!!!
We're #1 on an LSU blog's power poll ballot? WOOO!!!
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't post my ballot last week, but did submit one. That's because I hate Auburn so much, I didn't want to focus on anyone else in the universe. We had serious things to talk about last week, like hating Auburn.

Now, we're back on the regular schedule, and I'll try and get you my SEC Power Poll ballot every Monday night. A lot of movement this week, and a new #1. Which depresses me, but still.

1 Ole Miss. You come at the king, you best not miss. Ole Miss didn't miss, so they get the throne.

2 Georgia. If the Bulldogs have found a quarterback who is legitimately accurate and reliable, they are easily the most complete team in the SEC and have the inside track for the playoffs.

3 LSU. Brandon Harris only threw for 74 yards because, well, why the hell would you ever throw the ball when Leonard Fournette is in the backfield?

4 Alabama. On the one hand, it took an absurd amount of misfortune to lose to Ole Miss. The Rebels were +5 on turnovers, scored a long TD on a pass play that goes beyond mere prayer, and another long TD on a missed call by the officials. This screams fluke. On the other hand, scoreboard. Suck it, Bama.

5 Texas A&M. The Aggies didn't look quite as impressive beating the snot out of Nevada, but we should learn more now that they will start SEC play. /checks schedule. OK, maybe the week after.

6 Mississippi St. Guess who feels a whole hell of a lot better losing on a missed last second field goal to LSU or, more accurately, the Fightin' Fournettes?

7 Tennessee. Took out some frustrations out on a hapless foe with a direction in their school's name. Such is the way of the SEC.

8 Florida. It wasn't pretty, but the Gators survived and got another win. This isn't a team concerned with style points, they will take ugly wins over pretty losses.

9 Kentucky. So close yet so... Kentucky. A crash course on needing to cash in on your opportunities.

10 Missouri. We were staring yet another embarrassing out of conference loss right in the face. Instead, this game will be remembered as a perfect oddity: a 9-6 final score in which neither team made a field goal.

11 Auburn.  There's a grab bag of crappy stats to latch onto showing how badly Auburn got its ass kicked in its SEC opener, but probably the most concerning is the 100 yards passing, 47 if you subtract the sack yards. That's not supposed to happen to the Gus Bus.

12 South Carolina. Everything ends badly, otherwise, it would never end.

13 Vandy. Sure, it's being buoyed by an unsustainable turnover margin, but Vandy's defense looks honest to God competent!

14 Arkansas. Maybe, just maybe, instead of running a line of smack directed at Ohio St, you should work on not losing to a below average Big 12 team. Oops, too late.