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Syracuse, Get Ready to Face Off With Perfection


Jim Brown. Ernie Davis. Carmello Anthony. That's right, the University of Syracuse is no stranger to the presence of greatness. But this Saturday Orange Fans, you are going to be in for a real treat. Something you have NEVER seen before, and that is a football team that is absolutely perfect in every way.

You see Syracuse, what you're looking at here is an athletic specimen that is flawless in every way. There are no blemishes on Mr. Perfect. I know that's pretty tough to understand, but on Saturday you're going to see just how true it is. Mr. Perfect is going to be bigger than you, he's going to be stronger than you and he's going to be faster than you. I am not only the superior athlete, I am simply better than you, and better than anything you have ever seen grace the turf of the Carrier Dome.

Whether we're talking about football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, you name it, and I do it better. I can run faster, I can jump higher, I can do EVERYTHING better than you.

Mr. Perfect 1

Mr. Perfect Basketball

Mr. Perfect Bowling


You're going to find out this Saturday. I am everything that I say I am. Absolutely perfect.