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2017 Recruit JaCoby Stevens Commits To LSU!

Corey Raymond adds yet another weapon to his heavy arsenal.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

When you see guys like Kevin Toliver and Donte Jackson out there playing as true freshman, it makes you wonder, "Can this secondary get any better?"  When it comes to Corey Raymond, the talent never stops.  His dedication to the craft paid off once again earlier today when top-50 2017 recruit JaCoby Stevens out of Nashville, Tennessee, decided to end his process fairly early and commit to the Tigers.  While it may seem a little odd for a recruit from that far away to make a decision like that this early in the process, but Stevens has a lot of family in Louisiana and mix that in with the DBU pedigree that continues to grow in Baton Rouge, well you have one sweet combo.  Exactly what does he bring? Let's take a look

What JaCoby Brings to LSU

While he is listed as an athlete due to his ability to play wide receiver and safety, Stevens will be coming to Baton Rouge to play on the defensive side of the ball and it's clear to see why.  The one thing I love the most about Stevens is how effortless it looks for him to get up to snag a ball.  Once he does get the ball in his hands, he becomes a threat to score any time.  He has solid read-and-react skills to come up and make a play on a pass from the safety position.  At 6'2" and around 205 lbs., Stevens already has a solid frame and looks to be college ready.

There aren't many drawbacks.  The only thing that may stand out is the lack of experience at the position.  Most of his highlights are from him as a wide receiver, so there's not too much to go off of, but when it comes to LSU, he will definitely get the right coaching from Raymond and will be given the time to mature at the position with the cupboard that is always full at DBU.

Stevens joins Tyler Shelvin as the only two 2017 commitments following Dylan Moses' de-commitment earlier in the summer.  Both players are nationally top-50 recruits and are an already strong foundation for a class that could be special, just like 2015 was and 2016 will likely be.  With Corey Raymond at the helm, expect more of these top-tier defensive backs to flock to LSU and keep DBU firmly at LSU, sorry wannabe Gators.