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Link Gumbo - 9/24/15

Your pre-Syracuse gumbo, along with links on Hockey, Basketball, and baseball.

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Les Miles gives cancer-stricken Mountain Brook teen 'best day of his life' | - Many of us say this a lot on here, and for good reason. Beyond football, on a human level, we're glad that Les Miles is LSU's coach. Because of things like this. Forget wins and losses, Les' really does seem to be a genuinely great person who touches a lot of people. And I'm glad that's happened in this case with this young kid who's had his life forever changed. Best of luck to Sid Ortis, and no matter the ending...I'm sure he's beating cancer every day.

LSU fans are coming to Syracuse, and they're going to drink this town dry | - On a lighter note....on the other side of this weeks game, those up in Central New York are ready for the LSU visitors to drink all the beer this weekend.

Wednesdays With Les: The Advocate has notebooks discussing a pitch count for LF7, Yogi Berra's passing and more.


Empire State of Mind: Tiger Rag has a tremendous feature on Tashawn Bower, a New Jersey native who will have lots of family at this weekend's game.

LSU will host an NBA combine in October | - LSU Basketball is hosting a combine in October to showcase some of the players who will be getting attention from NBA scouts throughout the season such as Ben Simmons and Antonio Blakeney.

LSU Hockey Bringing Attention Back To The Ice - : TTV Sports - They've been away for quite awhile, but LSU Hockey is excited to return and hopes to return with some support from those on campus.

Introducing team-by-team statistical profiles - Football Study Hall - Everyone's favorite Advanced Stats Guru Bill C has created individual statistical profiles for each team. The link has more on what will be included.

On The Record: LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri - Line Drives - Paul Mainieri did an interview with The Advocate on what he expects for the coming season.