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Unofficial 2015 ATVS Meme Thread

We put the goof in goofy

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

We're a big fan of goofy things here at ATVS. LSU football may be serious business, but it really is an excuse for all of us to have fun. Which is why we have always been dedicated to silly nicknames and ridiculous memes. What I'm trying to help with is having a one stop shop for your gif needs in game threads during the season.

So this is by no means the definitive list, and I hope y'all will fill in some of your favorites in the comments. However, this is a primer to get all y'all started on the comment threads this season.

Beast Mode: Any short yardage conversion by any running back.

Beast Mode

JAws: Jamal Adams. Jamal is our own killer shark, roving the waters getting ready to eat Quint and Brody. Any reference from the movie is appropriate at any time: "We're gonna need a bigger boat", any reference to the USS Indianapolis, or heck, call him Bruce.

Jaws eats Quint

Jaws out of the water

Heck, you don't even need the shark...

Brody surprised

Debo: Deion Jones. The biggest disappointment of Debo's LSU career so far is that he has not given us enough opportunities to make references to Friday. Get on that, man. We're counting on you.

Debo wants some too

Mr. White: Tre White is a stone cold killer our there. Any Reservoir Dogs reference is appropriate. I'm hungry, let's go get a taco.

Mr White

Dumpster fire: Look, not everything is peaches and cream all the time. The two-headed dumpster fire refers specifically to the QB situation from 2009-2011, but I'm willing to consider now if Harris doesn't deliver. Do not feel you have to limit all references to dumpster fires just to the quarterbacks.

Dumpster Fire

Reaction gifs: One good, one bad. Feel free to add more. Reaction gifs are the best thing on the internet.

Amazing play reaction

Raptors fail

Les f'n Miles: The Mad Hatter, the Hat, Lesticles, etc. It is never a bad time to post something reminding us that our head coach is the most fun coach in college football.

Les clapping

Les dance party

Les press conference

Grass smoothie

Geaux Tigers!