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First Impressions: LSU 0, McNeese 0, Rain 1

It never rains in... forget it.

We're wet
We're wet
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a letdown.

According to LSU, this is the first LSU football game cancelled since 1918 when there was this whole World War thing going on. Yeah, the first one. Not to mention a flu epidemic.

The lightning just wouldn't go away, and every strike reset the clock another 30 minutes. Miles declared there was a severe want to play the game, as he certainly wants Harris' first start to be at home versus an FCS team and not on the road against an SEC rival. But SEC politics reared its ugly head again..

That's when I knew it was over. Any time there is a conflict between the SEC and LSU, we know who wins. A half an hour later, LSU cancelled the game and its offcials were left answering questions from the media regarding the decision. Meanwhile. there wasn't an SEC official to be seen. It was left to Alleva and Miles to justify the decision and put a happy spin on it.

So after a long nine months without football, we have to wait more week for LSU football to return, Honestly, cancelling the game was probably the right call. Most of the fans had long since vacated the stadium, and a midnight restart meant the game wouldn't end until sometime around 3 AM. It doesn't make this suck any less as a fan.

One less win this year. Adjust your expectations accordingly.