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A Short History Of The Student Section And The Time It Rained In Tiger Stadium

College is supposed to be about fun and going with the flow after all.

My best friends and I <3
My best friends and I <3
James Haralson

We never left.

Maybe it's because I'm a seasoned veteran of the LSU Tarp Crew, but the rain wasn't even that bad. I have a Lifeproof on my phone and I didn't have any cash in my wallet, so I was ready. When we saw the crowd at the bottom thin out (despite my efforts we got to the game late), we took it as our opportunity to upgrade our seating for the game. About that.

While it sucks that we couldn't get this game in and I understand what it's going to cost us, on the field and off, I...actually had a lot of fun. I mean, rain? In Tiger Stadium? What is this, a crossover episode? In the past I've ripped on the student section, but they actually showed up for the game and stayed through the rain, and man did we have fun. In the five hour span from the team running off of the field to the news slowly spreading that it wasn't happening, the following occurred in the student section:

  • We had 80's greatest hits karaoke night
  • Had a dance off (and some dude and his girl kept dancing for the entire remainder of the rain delay. That is the real #relationshipgoals)
  • Went slip and sliding on the bleachers
  • Threw a Nerf football across the student section, erupting with every completion. Insert your own LSU QB joke here
  • About a dozen "We Want Football" chants
  • Gave a rousing ovation to the idiot who stormed the field, because that was the last good thing he will hear in a long time.
  • Watched A&M/Arizona State on the big screen
  • I did an interview with Tiger TV
  • Cheered the game marshall on as he played soccer struggled to receive an errant beach ball
  • Rubbed elbows with F, King Alexander
  • Got told to "hang loose" by Les Miles
  • Drowned out the McNeese State band

The vibe was kinda killed when we saw the refs leave the field and a second delay was announced. Throughout the first delay, there were more students than I've seen in the 4th quarter of a lot of games, but the herd was thinned out. When Gordy Rush walked in front of us and told us the game wasn't happening, we decided we weren't going to leave the game until we sang the alma mater, regardless if there was a game or not. So, while Purple Rain was playing and the band was cramped in the bowels of the stadium, the most die hard of students locked arms and sang the alma mater. It was honestly one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

I wish there was a game, but at the risk of using a cliche, the journey was a lot better than the destination. All I know is, the weather forecast for the Auburn game will feature the loudest "The chance of rain is...NEVER!" in Tiger Stadium history.

And hey, we're still undefeated.