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SEC Power Poll Ballot Week 1

It's not that LSU fares poorly, its that everyone else played great...

They earned their stupid looking celebration.
They earned their stupid looking celebration.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

An ugly week for the Tigers as pretty much every SEC team can roaring out of the gate looking particularly awesome. Bama looks like one of the best teams in the nation. Auburn looks like a complete team. A&M looks like they have a defense. Kentucky can beat a Sun Belt team. It wasn't good for the idle Tigers.

1 Alabama: Hey, remember when I said that Bama looked vulnerable this year? Yeah, how do I erase things from the internet?

2 Georgia: Such an easy win, it put Uga to sleep.

3 Texas A&M: Color me impressed. That was a complete dismantling of a very good team.

4 Auburn: I found out the thing that would make me root for Auburn: Bobby Petrino.

5 Arkansas: The "Hulk, Smash!" offense seems to be running at full capacity. Let's see what happens when they step up in competition.

6 Tennessee: Bowling Green briefly made it interesting before superior talent won out.

7 Ole Miss: Simply annihilated a truly awful team. Not much to be learned from that other than Ole Miss is much better than a truly awful team.

8 Mizzou: Yawn. Wake me up when the season starts for real.

9 LSU: Had the game stats counted, LSU averaged a sack every four defensive snaps. I'm pretty sure that at that pace, it would set some sort of record.

10 Mississippi St: Struggled with Southern Miss for three quarters, but you can read anything into first game rust. The true test comes next week.

11 Florida: Before you get too excited, they scored 65 in their opener last year.

12 South Carolina: Looked like a worse team than UNC, but the horseshoe rammed up their keyholes made the difference.

13 Kentucky: Beat ULL by the hairs on their chinny chin chins. Still, a win is a win.

14 Vandy: Oh, the humanity.