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LSU Plans to Stay Ravishing in Starkville



What I'd like to have right for all you fat...broken-down...Starkvegas Sweathogs... keep the noise down, while I take my robe off and show all these snaggle-toothed swamp-sows  in the audience what a REAL SEXY MAN IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE.


Ravishing Rick

They like to ring a lot of bells in this town. But Mississippi State is about to find out just what happens after that bell rings. Then you're all alone against one of the most finely tuned athletes in this sport. Oh, the Ravishing One is much more than just a pretty face Bulldogs. He's going to get his hands on you, turn you around and break your neck.

And ladies, Dan Mullen may not like staying up, but Rick Rude is more than happy to keep the party going to all hours. And when the sun finally rises, there's always time for one last rude awakening.

Rick Rude Cover