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Women's Basketball Loses Two Straight

Poor offense and second half struggles continue

Jenna Deemer
Jenna Deemer
Madeline VeZain/

After what might be the best win of the season, a victory over Ole Miss, the women’s basketball team reverted back to its struggles, loosing 53-35 to Texas A&M and 58-42 to Vanderbilt.

In the game against the 13th ranked Aggies, LSU actually had a ten point lead in the second quarter and were up entering the half. Unfortunately, the game quickly turned in the second half, as the Aggies who had struggled shooting in the first half, found their groove and the Tigers lost their own. It’s difficult to figure which statistic was worst, the 19% shooting from the field in the second half, a total of 16 points, or the five field goals made in the second half.

LSU’s dismal play continued Thursday against Vanderbilt. The Tigers never led and again allowed the opposition's lead to balloon in the second half, a theme throughout the season. Nikki Fargas opted for just a seven player rotation. The Tigers did get some solid performances against the Commodores. Alexis Hyder and Jasmine Rhodes had ten points and eight rebounds. Akilah Bethel had eleven points in defeat.

Now seven games into conference play, the Tigers have just one win and although they are not halfway through the SEC play, it looks like the chances for LSU to make a run in conference play have all but evaporated.