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Drake Davis Commits to LSU

Drake Davis returns home to attend LSU following his Under Armour announcement

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The unique high school path of Drake Davis has finally come to a conclusion.  The 2016 WR class for LSU just elevated to one of the top in the nation with the commitment of Drake Davis, adding a third four-star wide receiver to the class, alongside Stephen Sullivan, Dee Anderson and three-star Da'Monte Coxie.  A hard-fought battle between LSU and Ole Miss ended with Davis' announcement to the Tigers during the Under Armour game.

Senior Highlights

Athletically, you may not find a more gifted wide receiver in this class.  The combination of Davis' size, speed, jumping ability and sheer athleticism is at an elite level.  Where Davis can further himself is strengthening his hands to be more consistent catching the ball and working on his routes to become sharper out on the field.  There's not many, if any, that can beat him out on a jumpball scenario, and he even has the speed and vision to be a special teams returner.