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Football Recruiting: Final Weekend Visitors

The last recruiting weekend of the 2015 class is here. Who's coming in?

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The final weekend has arrived before National Signing Day on Feb. 2nd is here, and LSU is hosing a handful of recruits hoping to lock a few commits up and fill up hte final spots. While the list isn't long, there are still a few key members coming in this weekend. Who's all making their way to Baton Rouge?

Lindsey Scott will be the most significant visitor this weekend. With Cam Cameron missing on a number of previous options, it has come down to Scott if Cameron wants a QB in this class. That's not to say it's a bad option, as Scott took home a 5A state championship, named the 5A Player of the Year and recently received the Warrick Dunn Award from WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge. LSU will have to hold off Maryland, and a solid weekend could do the trick.

Scott Lashley is currently a Mississippi State commit, but Jeff Grimes had some tricks up his sleeve last year around this time and will look to provide that same magic again. While the in-state Bulldogs hold the distinct advantage, the full-court press will be on from Grimes to reel him in.

LSU had a brief scare with Greedy Williams recently with a push from Texas A&M, but that has all been put to bed and this visit will simply be a relaxing trip for the Williams family.

There's always a special teams guy in each LSU class and this year it's Connor Culp. The seventh-ranked kicker by 247 has been committed since August, so it will be a relaxing one for Culp as well.

It's not as impressive of a visitor list as the previous two weeks, but there's still some key pieces that could be integral to filling out this class. Either way, February 2nd will be a solid day for the Tigers and LSU is always looking to add a few more pieces.