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Dave Aranda to make $1.3 million at LSU

LSU's new defensive coordinator is nearly tripling his salary from Wisconsin.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As more reports come out on LSU's new defensive leader -- and we continue to look up as much as we can to try and learn more about the possible changes he could be bringing to the program -- numbers on Aranda's contract have been reported by the Wisconsin State Journal and Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman.

It's a three-year deal starting $1.3 million per year and the money escalates. Also, if Les Miles does get let go, Aranda is not tied to that. He will still be taken care of financially, a source told FOX Sports.

So seems like the market has taken care of the so-called "Les Miles Clause," which would void contracts in the event LSU's head coach were to retire or leave for any other reason. Coaches aren't particularly fond of anything that could compromise their financial security. Their job security is always pretty tenuous anyway.

Aranda was making about $520,000 at Wisconsin, so overall I'd say this has worked out pretty well for him. And the Wisconsin athletic department continues to have issues keeping assistants, which was a reason Bret Bielema cited behind his departure in 2012. For more on Aranda, Ross Dellenger has a fantastic profile here in the Advocate.