The Four Seconds that Define the Les Miles Era, and the Seconds that Could Define LSU's Future

[I've been away awhile, I hope my ramblings are still welcomed here.]

Back in 2009 on a misty night in the Mississippi Valley Sophmore Jordan Jefferson received the snap of a play that started with exactly one second on the clock, he promptly spiked the ball into the soggy Oxford field ending a valiant comeback bid by the Tigers and beginning the raging debate about the Ole Miss Debacle.

Les Miles would, in part, be defined as a clock managing neanderthal due to inexplicable lapses such as the OMD.

Another second occurred at the end of the 2011 season, arguably the most talented team ever fielded by LSU. The Bayou Bengals were on an historic run, beating more top 25 teams than any college football team before them. They won an intense and defensively brutal Game of the Century versus Nick Saban's rising Tide on their home field in Tuscaloosa, securing the SEC West. Then after finishing the regular season unblemished for the first time in over fifty years the Tigers demolished SEC East Champion, UGA 42 - 10 to secure it's place in the BCS National Championship game.

Instead of LSU's second BCS National Championship under Les Miles, the second came in the form of Alabama getting a second bite of the apple versus LSU, a second chance they would take advantage of setting offor a dynasty for the Crimson Tide and marking the beginning of a five game losing streak to the Tide for LSU.

The final second came last Saturday when LSU failed to snap the ball in time for what looked like the game winning play. Like the 2009 Ole Miss Debacle, and too many other times to count, LSU was playing catch-up to a team which LSU clearly out-matched on paper but due to self-inflicted miscues and ineffective offense the underdogs were in the lead when the last second appeared on the clock.

LSU has won many such games under Miles and for a brief moment it looked as if the Tigers had wrested another victory from the angry jaws of defeat. This time it was not to be however, nor would another second chance be in the offing for the beleaguered Mad Hatter.

The Les Miles Era would ingloriously end with 114 victories, 3 SECW, 2 SEC and 1 National Championships.

Les Miles both achieved greatly and fell woefully short. He never lost the respect of his players, many of whom have gone on to shine brightly on Football's greatest stage and in the end, Les Miles is to date LSU's most accomplished head coach.

Now, however, we move to a couple more seconds that could define LSU's Future.

Ed Oregeron, for the second time takes over an elite college football program on the heels of a head coach firing. Having learned from his mistakes at his first head coaching assignment, as the firebrand head man at Ole Miss, Oregeron looks to continue with the things that made him successful at USC.

If he can do that, and harness the incredible talent left behind by the Mad Hatter perhaps the Tigers can find a second chance at a special season and Yaw Yaw Football can earn himself a second season at his self-proclaimed dream job.

We're pulling for you Coach Eaux, Geaux Tigers.