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LUNCHWITHDACOACHO 2016 Week 7 - Southern Miss

With special appearance from Joe Alleva

Missouri v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

We start once again with Joe Alleva in an impromptu appearance..

"One thing that we're going to hold very firm on is that we have a home game November 19th, and we're going to have a home game on November 19th. We are going to have a home game on November 19th. We are not going change that situation."

Alleva takes a lot of heat in these spaces for a number of reasons (Note: some that I think are ridiculous ~ Billy), but he’s definitely playing things smart here. Based on this tweet from PAWWWWL...

Any rescheduling of this game is going to take agreement on both schools. Making LSU’s position on the various options 100-percent clear and firm puts more of the burden on Florida to get creative if they really want this to happen. Which will likely change depending on the result of Tennessee-Bama this weekend. The whole “Alabama has to play if we play on our open date” bit seems a bit ridiculous, but if there’s going to be some negotiation here LSU might as well start by asking for more than they’re going to get.

This whole situation should also cast some new light on what it’s been like working with Florida on the permanent cross-divisional game as well -- and illustrate more on why LSU would like to divest themselves from ties to that program. 104.5 ESPN’s Matt Moscona had an interesting interview with another radio host in Florida regarding Jeremy Foley’s initial reaction when moving the game was brought up.

Ultimately, this is really an indictment of Greg Sankey and his abilities to bridge these kind of gaps.

...also said that he's against playing on the Oct 29th open date if Bama still has that as a bye, also mentioned the Dec. 3 option (moving back the SECCG) is being on to DACOACHO...sent everybody out to recruit on Friday, players enjoyed the weekend off and everybody came back fine...Lots of compliments to Southern Miss and their prolific offense and perfect kicker...said he talked to former LSU assistant Frank Wilson (whose UTSA Roadrunners beat up USM last weekend for a 55-32 win) about USM on Sunday...said he would talk briefly to the team about what's gong on with the UF mess, then move on to USM and correcting LSU's issues...has not yet seen Fournette this week, but still believes he is questionable for this week...has been talking with DB Corey Thompson (who fractured his leg in summer training) and his father about his recovery. He may red shirt, but they aren't ready to make that decision yet...When asked about what kind of questions he got while being out recruiting for LSU this weekend:

"Coach, can I take a picture? It was amazing. I stopped, get me a little energy drink. The fans were going crazy. It was wild. I got to hit ten schools. I seen a lot of friends of mine at those schools, high fives, everybody, "Hey coach, way to go. We like the way the team played." Everything was positive, and I did my regular recruiting deal. Obviously, I couldn't talk to the players. Went to get evaluation, went to get a transcript, just business as usual. But it was the LSU head coach there, and I realized that, that people were excited to see the LSU head coach. It was a great day."

...asked why he's so upbeat:

"I get up every day. I'm glad to be at LSU. I love my job. I don't think I'm ever going to a coaching job and think it was a job. Now, I dug ditches at Lafourche Television Company and I sailboat shrimp, that was a job. This is -- I love being around you all. I love being around people. I love being around young men. I love being recruiting and how could you not have a great day when you're the coach of the LSU Tigers?" not worried about what missing the UF game would do to his job prospects, just focused on what he can do...coaches tooks some time with the bye week to do some early scouting, but have been focused just on USM since Sunday...Talked about the fantastic end to the McNeese-SLU game on Saturday that he attended to watch his sons.

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