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LSU Is Busting Out White Lids And Pants This Weekend, Will Win By 60

LSU continues to set the standard for alternate uniforms.


For a school like LSU, alternate uniforms are tricky. LSU is steeped in tradition and doesn’t do change very often and the fanbase loooooooves to bitch. And for understandable reasons, LSU’s traditional and “home non-SEC, non-home opener” uniforms are often cited as some of the best in college football by both LSU and objective fans. Many (including myself) would personally raze the Football Ops building if black were ever incorporated into the uniforms.

But LSU has made it work. LSU busted out a white/purple/white combination last year, for the displace South Carolina game (EDIT:lmao) and this weekend they’re bringing it back. In my opinion, this is the third best look for LSU, only behind the traditional home and the GOATs, the “White Tiger” look that LSU granted me for the Ole Miss game last year.

As ATVS’ resident Uniform Snob, I’d objectively rate these uniforms as a 9.5/10, a step below the traditional home (9.7/10) and the all-white (10/10).

If you hate these uniforms for any reason, please consider deleting your account.