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Tiger Tracklist: Southern Miss

Fight Like A Tiger

How was your week off? Did you enjoy your stress-free football weekend? Good, I’m glad.

Because now it’s about time to put the nose to the grindstone. Coach O’s audition just got a lot more interesting with the movement of the Florida game from this past weekend to November 19th. The schedule now reads like this:

Southern Miss

Ole Miss


@ Arkansas


@ Texas A&M

And that’s fine. I’m sure Ed Orgeron would not rather have his audition any other way.

I’m sure Mike wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because while a cakewalk is fun, there is no challenge in it to make it fun.

So the playoff is probably out of reach and so is the SEC. That doesn’t mean the season is over. Quite the opposite. Next years team is being built right now, including the head coach. Guys like Russell Gage are looking to make their name and build the foundation for the new era of LSU football.

And that extends to us. I’d joke around and say “Make Tiger Stadium Great Again” but...really though. Get to the stadium, get loud, and stay loud until there are four zeros on the board. And if you won’t do it for yourself and for LSU, do it for Mike.

Originally Missouri was supposed to be throwback weekend for the Tracklist, but that changed for obvious reasons. So here you go. And might I remind you that this service is free.