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3rd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 7

Alright alright alright


This is getting boring, y’all. Yet another 100% week for all who got a pick in. We did lose LSUCools and Jimbo1983, so we’re down to only 10.

Here’s the sheet:

And here’s the LINK.

This Week’s Games

Mississippi State @ BYU

State is falling back to normal state levels and now makes a West Coast Swing after taking it on the chin from Auburn. They are not very good and BYU’s record indicates they aren’t either, though, they’ve been very competitive in every game. Can the Bulldogs bottle up Jamaal Williams? They could be looking at 2-4 and staring up and a tall task to get bowl eligible.

Vanderbilt @ Georgia

Georgia won last week despite passing for only 29 yards. They mauled in the running game, but, this is South Carolina we’re talking about here. Vandy probably isn’t much more of a challenge, seeing as how they actually lost to South Carolina. This game will be ugly and bad. Glad the conference buried it as a noon kick.

#1 Alabama @ #9 Tennessee

The Vols run of heart-stopping comebacks came to a halt last week. Turns out, you can’t turn it over 5 times a game and keep on winning. They gave a spirited effort vs. the Tide last year, but I’m not so sure they’ll be up to the task in 2016. This is a beat up, exhausted Tennessee vs. an Alabama squad that’s mostly playing on cruise control in 30 point blowouts. Bleh, seems like domination coming.

Missouri @ #18 Florida

Mizzou took last weekend off to lick their wounds from LSU. Now they draw the conference’s best defense on the road. UF’s unit looks stout, but they haven’t faced many strong offenses to date. Can they destruct the Mizzou hurry up like LSU did? If they are as much DBU as they talk about, they should. But this is kind of a sneaky ugly one for the Gators too. Mizzou isn’t bad but they looked bad last game. Doubtful they can catch the Gators napping, though.

#12 Ole Miss @ #22 Arkansas

I spent last weekend in Vegas and my buddies tried to convince me Arkansas would be “tough” for Bama. Instead, they got walloped, like I anticipated. Then one of their professors got arrested for telling Bielema to fuck off. Arkansas is sneaky bad. They have the worst defense in the conference and their offense isn’t much more productive than LSU’s, who I don’t any of us would stand and applaud. They got throttled by both of the good teams they’ve played. They nearly lost to Louisiana Tech and TCU, who has since proven to be bad. What I’m saying is they aren’t that far from 2-4 like the last several seasons. Bert will find himself on the hot seat and probably fired soon, for as much as he talks. Ole Miss turns the ball over too much, but when Chad Kelly isn’t giving the game away he’s pretty much unstoppable. Ole Miss defense is also bad. Big -\_(“/)_/- on this one.

Southern Miss @ LSU

Southern Miss just lost to UTSA, so any illusion of this squad being a sleeper upset is vanquished. LSU we don’t really know what to think of with only one game of Orgeron under the belt and this one won’t tell us much more, honestly.

Happy Hunting!