Ways in which 2016 has failed us

Screw this season, 2016 can stub its toe and then painfully limp toward an open manhole where it falls in, breaks both legs, and after painfully recovering, dies after all of bacterial infection. I just thought I'd make a running tally of the ways the 2016 season sucks, possibly to be updated as more suckage occurs. You know how it is....sometimes I wake up disgruntled in the morning and I need a handy list like this to remind me of why.

1) Les Miles, our beloved coach of 11+ years was fired, with no chance of replacing him with a guy as colorful (and yes, that includes the Ogre), as character-hardy, and very possibly as much of a winner.

2) Mike VI, our mascot of 9+ years gets ill and then goes to the big cat preserve in the sky. Suck it, cancer.

3) Leonard Fournette repeatedly injured and as of this weekend will have missed half the games so far in 2016, with more yet on the table. WE ONLY GET 3 YEARS OF HIM, FOOTBALL GODS, AND YOU ARE ROBBING US OF OUR FINAL HURRAH! RAEG!!!!!

4) And we're not even talking about 1-3 because Florida sucks and the SEC doin' SEC things again. Screwing up everybody's schedule and causing ridiculous strife between the schools and fan bases.....c'mon man, GTFOH with all that.

Eat a turd, 2016.