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LUNCHWITHDACOACHO 10/17/16 - Week 8 vs Ole Miss

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Southern Miss v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

DACOACHO starts off with praise for another excellent offensive performance...fixing the foolish substitution penalties will be a focus in practice...Lots of praise for Hugh Freeze and the Ole Miss staff...talked about the time Freeze came up to him on the field at the Orange Bowl and asked for a job...O is focused on Ole Miss, but recognizes the gauntlet ahead...Said Fournette came to him last Friday wanting to get back on the field, but still wasn't 100%. He's expected to make a full return to practice today...talked about how he tried to force an unfamiliar offense on his OC at Ole Miss and how that failed. Now he gives parameters to Enzminger and allows him to craft the gameplan as he sees fit...Travonte Valentine missed the game due to a suspension for " Just really didn't practice well enough, and I just wanted to set a standard with him that he understands he needs to practice better to play."...says the Ole Miss D is missing a lot of talent from last year that got drafted, but still expects them to put up a great fight...reflecting on his time at Ole Miss: "Well, I had more success in "The Blind Side" than my coaching..."...looking forward to seeing Fournette and Guice in the backfield at the same time...Will Clapp should be back at practice this week, questionable for the game, status of Foster Moreau and Toby Weathersby is unknown...playing so many guys who used to be second team is a reward for good effort in practice, shows the guys that they can get playing time if they earn it...on Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly: He's a very competitive QB who can adjust easily to the defense he's facing, is faster than you think he can be in the running game...Wont bring up his own time at Ole Miss with the team, says winning this weekend is about the players, not how Etling continues to improve week to week.

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