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They Got the Death Penalty Yet?

Red Cup helps us figure out Sandra Bullock’s offensive philosophy.

Look! The reason Hugh Freeze got this job!

So uh...Chad really needs some help finding a date, huh?

You have to admire his dedication, right? He reached out to Mia Khalifa the day before the Florida State game and then again the morning of the Arkansas game. You don’t have to admire his dedication to the team in those situations, but, you know… whatever. He has had a good year.

Does Sandra Bullock still call Hugh Freeze during games to suggest play calls like she did when he was in high school?

I wish. Greg Little appears to have a higher “protective instinct” assessment than Rod Taylor, yet Rod Taylor still plays all the time at left tackle.

My favorite part of that movie was when Sandra Bullock went into “the hood” and talked to a “gangsta” and told him he’d better be careful because she had a small pistol in her purse and knew how to shoot. Next thing you know, she’s taken seriously and let in the house. Um……………… yeah.

Bad movie. Not just relative to the book. Bad movie. The fact that Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for that is just nuts.

Has the NCAA given y'all the Death Penalty yet?

Not yet, fam. If we’re going down, you’re all going down with us though. Should be fun.

When the investigators camp out in the parking lot of the football offices, do y'all just ignore them, or do y'all at least send them some lunch every now and then?

During the Cold War, the West Berliners were known to build structures along the Berlin Wall where they could mock those on the other side. Typically this meant taunting the East German soldiers but, occasionally, this afforded them the opportunity to mock East Berliners, the people who, decades ago were and decades later would become their fellow German citizens. The taunts were typically mean but harmless, things like "eat shit" and so forth.

Then one day the Berlin Wall came down and everybody was cool and they got back to building Volkswagens and writing depressing literature and it was like nothing ever happened. That's what we think Ole Miss' relationship with the NCAA investigators is like. Or maybe not. Whatever. This metaphor made sense to me earlier before I started drinking. FUck the NCAA I guess is what I'm saying.