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3rd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 8

Rollin rollin rollin


It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad world in Athens, after the Bulldogs managed to lose... to Vanderbilt. At home. Gross. Said loss cost us two competitors. Au revoir Dr. JBH and Yail Bloor. The rest of the pack picked LSU or Florida.

And then there were 8.

Here’s the LINK.

This Week’s Games

UMass @ South Carolina

UMass is horrific and has already lost to a pair of SEC teams. They’ve won but one game this season, against FIU, who fired their coach. South Carolina isn’t THAT bad, but you pick the Gamecocks. I dare ya.

#6 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama

Well, Sumlin seemed to have Saban’s number that one time with Johnny Manziel. But this is an Aggie team of a different brand. They run the ball. They play tough d. They are built like an honest to god SEC team. You buying?

Middle Tennessee @ Missouri

Missouri doesn’t give anyone much reason to be confident. Thankfully, they are playing Middle Tennessee.

#17 Arkansas @ #21 Auburn

Good ole fashioned toss up! I mean, Vegas doesn’t think so, favoring Auburn by 11 points at home. But we know the truth. These are two pretty co-equally flawed teams. Auburn, after putting Gus on the brink of unemployment has quietly rebounded to 4-2. No one is entirely sure how “good” they are. Arkansas took a beating from Bama and turned around and beat Ole Miss. Can’t get a feel for this one.

Mississippi State @ Kentucky

The record betrays them, but the Bulldogs are quietly not terrible. Close losses to South Alabama, LSU and BYU. They danced with 5-2. Kentucky is just good ole fashioned bad in a a “turn the corner year” under one of the Stoops bros. Well, they did beat Vanderbilt, so that’s more than Georgia can say. This game is barely watchable.

#23 Ole Miss @ #25 LSU

Ole Miss can score on anyone. LSU is reinvigorated under Orgeron. The Tigers are decided favorites at home, perhaps overly so. Can they slow down Chad Kelly? Can Ole Miss defense get off the field? I see lots of points here.