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Dwayne Thomas: ‘I really see us dominating this offense’

LSU reserve defensive back steps up to the mic today.

Sam Houston State v LSU Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In today’s media availability for players, LSU senior defensive back Dwayne Thomas made his feelings on next week’s matchup with the Crimson Tide fairly clear:

“I really see us dominating this offense. I really see us dominating this team,” Thomas said of the top-ranked and unbeaten Tide, a team that’s won seven of its eight games this year by double digits.

“This is the year,” he said. “We’ve been letting them off the hook for the last couple of years. This is my senior year. We’re going out with a bang. It’s time for us to bring that win back. We’re going to be at home. I feel like we have the edge to take it to them, and we’re going to take it to them. I feel like we’re going to dominate this game.”

Thomas went on to mention the last two home games, in which an underdog LSU pushed the eventual conference and/or national champs to the absolute limit.

In the 2014 game, Delahoussaye made a 39-yard field goal with 50 seconds left. Trent Domingue kicked the ensuing kickoff out of bounds, giving Alabama field position at its own 35-yard line.

“We don’t kick that ball out of bounds, we win that game also,” Thomas said.

Naturally, there will be lots of talk about cliched bulletin board material, etc... — Ross Dellenger even mentions it in the Advocate article.


Please. Alabama will be ready for this game, and would be regardless of what Thomas said. The Tide are projected to be as much as a 10-point favorite in this game, and they probably should be. This is a program that prides itself on competing against perfection. If they need extra motivation, then LSU’s in better shape than we think.

If anything, I hope Thomas’s comments are reflective of just how the Tigers are approaching this game. Last year there was a clear sense of timidness from LSU against the Tide, particularly at the line of scrimmage where Alabama dominated. The Tigers need an edge. A swagger. Anything that will ease the “weight” of the last four seasons.

Maybe Ed Orgeron is the answer for it. He certainly has a ton of experience with programs known for their bravado.

Either way, spare me the “well now Bama’s going to have something to prove” rhetoric. LSU has nothing to lose here. Pure house money. Bet like it.

What’s the worse that could happen — another loss?