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3rd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 9


Well, it was a week. I got this up super late, so one was eliminated by default (sorry Xanathol). The rest of us split down the middle on which terrible SEC East team to pick, half of whom chose South Carolina and half of whom chose Mizzou. Thus, we have eliminations! Say good by to myself, Energyman and Bounc3r. Pour some out for the fallen.

Still we continue. We always continue. Because you're a survivor and you're not gonna give up. You're not gonna stop, you're gonna work hard. You're a survivor. You're gonna make it. You will survive. Keep on Survivin'.

We're down to the Final Four!

Here’s the LINK.

This Week’s Games

Kentucky @ Missouri

Kentucky is somehow second in the SEC East. Missouri just got their doors blown off by Florida and then lost to Middle Tennessee State. Missouri is favored in this game. Thus concludes everything you need to know about the SEC East.

#14 Florida vs. Georgia

The WLOCP lacks sizzle this year as Florida is the sort of “good because we haven’t played anyone” good and Georgia, well, they lost to Vanderbilt. Still, these two teams hate each other so it’s usually worth watching. Kirby needs a signature win to correct the course of his first year in Athens. Florida needs to keep winning if they hope to get destroyed in the SEC Championship. Should be fun!

#18 Tennessee @ South Carolina

Tennessee needed last week off after a brutal stretch which concluded with a heartbreaking loss to A&M and a beatdown at the hands of Alabama. South Carolina is a team they should easily dispose of, but Tennessee rarely makes things easy. This game will probably be close late for no good reason.

#15 Auburn @ Ole Miss

Auburn seems to have found their groove... that or they’ve bolstered their resume on the backs of weak opponents. Admittedly, their destruction of Arkansas was impressive. Gus back? Ole Miss is showing the great talent migration of 2015 DID adversely affect their team, no matter what media members insisted. The Rebels need this win to salvage what’s starting to look like a 6-7 win season. Plus, it helps LSU. Auburn needs this win to keep hope alive of the SEC Championship.

New Mexico State @ #9 Texas A&M

A&M looks like a team built in the image of the SEC and not coincidentally are on pace for an excellent year. They took it on the chin after a good 1st half vs. Bama, but who hasn’t? New Mexico State is terrible and this being anything but a route would be a surefire sign of a Bama hangover.