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LSU’s Next Head Coach

Everybody's got an opinion.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Since the firing of Les Miles, there have been quite a few discussions about who will be hired to replace him. With just one game under his belt, it's still too soon to say if Coach Orgeron will get the chance to remain head couch. So after a week of well-informed pundits weighing in, I think it's time to see who my three toddlers think should take over the position.

Ryder from Paw Patrol is their obvious first choice, because he has a lot of experience leading a team.

Offensively, he recognizes individual talent and knows how to spread the ball around. Each week, Ryder looks at the problems each opponent presents and changes the scheme accordingly. He is friends with the mayor so he understands the importance of maintaining a good public image. Of course, there are negatives with every candidate. Ryder is only 12 years old and lacks experience coaching humans.

Their next candidate is Prince Hans from Frozen.

He definitely knows how to take command during a perilous time, and has a knack for recruiting. After all, Princess Anna left him in charge less than half an hour after Queen Elsa froze Arendelle. Hans will do whatever it takes to win and is a master at trick plays. I mean, admit it, you never saw his villain status coming the first time you watched Frozen. There is only one major con with this candidate, and it's a big one. He is wanted for attempted murder.

My girls wouldn't create a list of any sort without a princess making the cut.

Rapunzel would be a great candidate for head coach. She's athletic and can charm even the roughest of characters to do what she wants. She has magic hair that heals, so LSU would never have a player on the injured list. Her chameleon friend and confidante is an added bonus and offers a lot of sound advice and encouragement. On the negative side, Rapunzel isn't allowed to leave her tower, and we all know how hard it is to coach from the press box.

Of course, the above discussion could all be moot. Miss Piggy was spotted looking at Baton Rouge real estate, and it's been rumored that LSU might just clean house and hire the Muppets.

The girls and I aren't necessarily opposed to this idea. Kermit has always achieved in the role of leader, especially when the chips are down. Not to mention, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is known for his five-wide air raid offense, and Animal would ignite some much needed energy in the defense. The only con to this scenario is the necessity for puppeteers. The NCAA rules for staff limits might not allow it. Regardless, I think we’ve got some strong options here.