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In da Film Room: Danny Etling + Bonus Derrius Guice Footage

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Etling Plays Well, Guice Provides Magic and I Provide Bad Fashion Advice

I wonder what Danny wears in the fall Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU offense was exactly what the coaching staff said it would be all week. A lot of the same concepts out of different looks. I also have been trying this out recently. A girl who I think is very attractive told me I look good wearing hats so I’ve busted out my old Saints hat (bought circa 1995 in New Orleans) and it’s become a staple in my rotation. It’s nice because it covers up my “naw don’t worry Seth it’s not actually that noticeable unless you stare at your scalp every day in front of the mirror and cry a little” bald spot. It’s also super vintage which people like. I wore a lot of polo shirts in the summer but it’s getting chilly here in Montreal, being that it’s fall in Canada, so I’ve decided to go with the open collared shirt with a t-shirt underneath as often as I can. I’m also going to have to shave my beard completely off because I’m supposed to look like a high school student for this photoshoot/show I’m in. All this to say that I’m trying different looks but, unfortunately, still using all my old concepts to try to holler at girls. It’s not working. LSU was able to make it work against a very good Missouri defense and we’ll see if their able to keep working it against another good squad this weekend in Gainesville.

I couldn't not add some clips showing off Guice's huge day so I used the runs where there was a good coaches film or sky cam view. Skip the end to find those

Double Out to Dural

LSU has a slant to the isolated receiver and a double out concept to the front side. #22 on Mizzou is very low and weak so that takes away the slant before the snap. Mizzou ends up rolling to Cover 1 which double outs is really good against. Etling is checking if that low defender over the the #2 receiver sinks or runs to the flat to throw the out to Dural. That defender stays low and and jams Dupre long enough to open a window. Accurate ball thrown on the cut.

Slant/ Wheel to Guice

On the very next pass play, LSU runs their constraint play off the slant they just showed by running Guice on the wheel route to the same side. You can see both linebackers open to the weak side allowing #34 to get a lot of depth and take away the wheel route. It’s great coverage for the offensive play called and Etling feels like his only option is to throw the ball backshoulder to Guice. He’s right but this is just a bad ball.

Sail Underthrow

More good coverage from Mizzou. They aren’t going to jump on underneath routes and #25 sinks long enough that Etling has to wait on the sail route. I would have liked him to throw the flat route immediately when he sees that (especially on 2nd & 10) but he waits until #25 comes down and then throws low and inside. Dupre does have outside leverage but that ball has to be over the underneath coverage and to the sideline.

Dural Gets Jammed

What exactly are the illegal contact rules because this sure seems like illegal contact. Etling is right to look for Dural on the crossing pattern against Cover 1 pressure. He knows he’s going to take a hit but still stands in there and delivers. He probably has to float the ball a little more to the outside.

RPO Slant

This is a new wrinkle for the offense. Reading the linebacker while running a gap power scheme with Williams. Etling makes the right read and throws an accurate ball on the slant to Dupre. The cool thing is how LSU split out JD Moore, the fullback, to the weakside and then used him as part of the running scheme.

Here’s the same concept in the 2nd quarter:

And again in the 3rd:

Here’s what happens when you get a GIVE read:

Rollout Flat

With the corner being low, there’s a chance that Gage wins his go route clean and Etling can hit him. It’s a very slim chance and the cornerbacks technique is not going to allow that so Etling comes down to the flat throw for an easy completion.

Play Action Out to Dupre

After Etling swings his head around following the play action he sees an off corner against Dupre running an out route. It’s his first read and it’s there but he does have to throw it outside into space. Dupre makes a good catch to bail Etling out.


You can see Etling looking to throw that corner route to Ferguson before coming down and hitting Dural on the shallow cross. Again, Mizzou is well coached and the corner is toying with any flat routes by the running back on 3rd and long which ends up bracketing said corner route.

3rd Down Conversion

A cool concept to beat Mizzou’s pattern match coverage. The 2 frontside vertical routes by the the #1 and #2 receivers force the 2 defenders on top of them to match them both. This forces the defender over top of Dupre to match him late on the out cut. The ball is thrown on rhythm and accurate enough to pick up the first down.

Post to Gage

A classic LSU concept. I think that Etling has to put that ball into space, over the top and let Gage run under it. I can understand that maybe in practice he was told that they were trying to hit it on the hash but you have to adapt in a real game situation.

You can see a little later in the game, Etling is throwing it on the hash:

Dropping Dimes

Look at this throw mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

Stutter n’ Go

I understand that when quarterbacks have a double move in the concept, they get horny and want to throw it but the corner never bites on Dural’s stutter at all. He’s got to get off of it and check it to Dupre who is open.

Bubble RPO

This is a called run play with a built in bubble to Chark. You can see before the snap that there is only 1 defender over the 2 receivers. This gives Etling the key to throw the bubble.


In a sense this is an old school ISO play being run into the A gap. I say this because you have the right guard and tackle cutting off the backside defenders by driving them right instead of zoning them. JD Moore might be reading this like zone to the front side or his assignment might be, like ISO, to just go after that linebacker. Either way the scheme creates a huge hole and Guice dances his way to a first down.

This is pure outside zone. Every lineman is bucket stepping to the left trying to create displacement off the defensive line. Guice is reading Mizzou #91 who does a good job of setting the edge so Derrius stays inside. The next man he’s reading is #30 who’s helmet is outside so Guice cuts it again and then decides to score a touchdown using 2-hand touch rules.

This is inside zone. It’s a tough block for Campbell (a freshman guard) to get across and cover up the middle linebacker but it is his job. He’s too concerned with the 3 tech. Never the less, Guice’s filthy jump cuts saves the day. The big plays on zone runs come on cut back and this is a pretty good example.